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David L Washco

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David Washco has an extensive background of senior-level sales, marketing and new business development experience. He is a teacher of best practices for business: the techniques, methods, and incentives that are most effective at delivering a desired outcome. David assists individuals and corporations looking to improve and generate higher revenues by identifying and implementing the best practices for a specific industry. His passion is bringing viable business ideas and strategies to reality. One of the most sought after business development consultants in the Carolinas, his competitive edge, a "black belt" in business, has resulted in enhanced corporate profits and productivity for over 15 years. Particularly effective in a group dynamic, David combines passion and physical strength to make him one of the most impactful and unique motivational speakers in the area.

David is particularly adept at establishing consultative relationships with customers and prospects to develop sales of products by researching and resolving customer challenges. His foundation for success is simple: "Listen well. Then ask the right questions." Assisting you in reaching your goals or your potential is his top priority. Increased profitability and long-term success are the by-products.

For more information on business development consulting, motivational speaking and best practices for business, contact David Washco for a free consultation. Services provided in Hickory, Asheville, Charlotte, and throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

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