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Jerilyn Marler is a writer, editor, publisher, and speaker focused on helping military children and parents thrive during deployment separations. She's the author of Lily Hates Goodbyes, a full-color storybook for young children who have to say goodbye to a loved one for about a billion days, and a digital handbook for parents titled Helping Your Young Child Cope with a Parent's Deployment.

In 2010, when her Navy officer son was on deployment and her 4-year-old granddaughter was distraught by his absence, Jerilyn wrote Lily Hates Goodbyes. It began as a Word document with personal photos intended just for Lily. The book helped Lily talk about her feelings, develop healthy ways to cope with those feelings, feel connected to her daddy despite the distance between them, be reminded that her mommy was steadfastly beside her, and that a joyful hello was coming. The book helped Lily so much that Jerilyn published it for all young children who suffer through long separations from a loved one. She hired Nathan Stoltenberg, a Seattle-based graphic artist and illustrator. Lily Hates Goodbyes was first released in January 2011. A new version was released in August 2011 through Jerilyn's publishing company, Quincy Companion Books, an imprint of Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing.

Her 30-year creative path has led through writing educational materials for Alaska elementary schools; writing three books about WordPerfect for an imprint of Henry Holt Publishers; editing dozens of books for technical publishers; editing a children's book, a medical text book, and a book on divorce at the same time; and writing/editing end user documentation for more products than she can count.

Jerilyn has worked in major high technology companies and tiny start-ups; she's been a real estate agent, host of a half-hour interview program on community television, programmer, project manager, program manager, and user interface designer. Her name is on three patents held by Intel Corporation, where she worked for nearly 15 years. The persistent thread through all of her work has been communication: it always comes back to words.

From sixth grade through her junior year of high school Jerilyn attended Kodaikanal International School, a boarding school in the mountains of southern India. Memories of her long, painful separations from her parents helped her relate to Lily's experience 46 years later.

Jerilyn lives in Beaverton, just a few miles from Portland, Oregon, with Dan, her husband, and their two tabby cats.

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