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B. Mathew Are

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I have loved art all my life; and, although I am a far better enthusiast than I am educated in the field, I remind myself of those with this same passion who have developed a scholarship for the arts. I love the masters: old masters; impressionists; and, twentieth century masters. I am also reminded, that most artists do not consider themselves creative. Creativity is not a mark of genius or talent, but a mark of originality. And originality is a discipline to a style that inherently becomes one's own. To me, that is an artist! You see a piece of work and you instinctively know who it is. That is genius!

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I once saw the actor Tom Hanks in an interview and he in essence said, that one cannot be a playwright unless one studies Shakespeare. Even though I am not playwright nor have I written a screenplay,

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Collecting fine art is all a matter of personal perspective. What appeals to one individual might not necessarily appeal to another. However, there are two prevailing schools of thought when

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