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Michael J Greenwood

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Michael established Computer Coders Ltd (, a Barnsley based Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Information Architecture, and Usability Design company. It's all about getting customers to your website and keeping them there.

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Christmas time is approaching. It's time to purchase some presents. This article should help you decide how to approach Christmas shopping for your children.

Shopping Product Reviews> Toys l 2 years ago

Losing weight has never been easier due to the increasing number of weight loss exercises that you can do these days. Have you thought of using an exercise stepper machine?

Health & Fitness> Aerobics Cardio l 2 years ago

The purpose of this article is to examine whether it is possible to learn a foreign language in just 24 hours. The premise is that with enough time between lessons to allow learning to take place, an

Reference & Education> Languages l 2 years ago

All parents want to buy the best toys and games for their children. But what if you could help to educate them whilst they have fun too? Well, you can!

Shopping Product Reviews> Toys l 2 years ago

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