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Timothy J Morris

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My wife and I recently returned from Asia where we lived as expats for 27 years. We are beginning our retirement and a new kind of life. One of my goals is to aid others in reaching their potential by helping them prepare for their future both financially and overall well being so that they can have the kind of fulfilling life they dream of.

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As we look at what baby boomers value, the first that comes to mind can be described as "the real thing." What do they mean by that? For many it has been a lifelong search for something illusive -

Self Improvement> Motivation l 2 years ago

When you look at this title, you might be thinking, "Thanks a lot, Captain Obvious! We couldn't figure that out for ourselves." However, unless you do a little thinking about what is ahead, some

Home & Family> Baby Boomer l 2 years ago

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