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Eric Monson

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Member since: Mar 02, 2012

With over 20 years experience in the environmental management sector, I have had the good fortune to manage a range of high profile projects in both the public and private sectors. Achieving efficiency aims and meeting quality and performance objectives are the principle ingredients of a successful and enjoyable career.

My range of professional expertise, includes;

Environmental Compliance Management Environmental Review & Audit Sustainable Development Risk Management Systems Development Quality Control Waste Management Policy and Strategy Development Project Management Business Planning Supply Chain Management

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Behaviour change is not 'rocket science' and most managers will have implemented some form of behaviour change initiative in the past. However, there is a danger of making assumptions based on a

Business > Change Management l 2 years ago

Climate change is, without doubt, the single biggest environmental challenge facing our planet today. The primary source of greenhouse gases is the use of electricity generated from fossil fuel power

Business > Ethics l 2 years ago

As pressure grows within the UK to segregate and collect food waste at source, it's worth taking a look at the favoured food waste treatment process and some of the issues which affect its

Business > Restaurant Industry l 2 years ago

WEEE Regulations were introduced into the UK in 2007. The primary aim of the Regulations is to minimise the generation of electrical and electronic waste through promotion of recovery, re-use and

Business > Risk Management l 2 years ago

Every business has an environmental impact. In many cases, this will require compliance with waste, water, air or noise regulations - or all, depending on the type of business that you operate.

Business > Risk Management l 2 years ago

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