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Daveda Gruber

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Author/Poet of fifteen novels , poetry books and children's books including, My Blonde World, Magical Moments, Steelers Cheers, A Blonde View of Life, Cling to the Magic Mere Mortals, Tales of a Tiny Dog, More Tales of a Tiny Dog, Castle of Ice, The Blonde Who Found Jesus, Snapshots...a Blonde View, and More snapshots from my Family Album. I am a publisher, poetry site owner, graphic art designer, website designer and video producer.

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In the world today, it is most difficult to get through these times. How does she manage? With God by her side, Harring-Duhart explains in beautiful poetic forms how she overcomes the difficult parts

Book Reviews> Poetry Playscripts l 3 years ago

'With Silver Wings and a Golden Quill' is Tanya's third book and she shines magnificently in her flowing poetic structure. This book will certainly keep an adult captivated throughout. Campos-Gracia

Book Reviews> Poetry Playscripts l 3 years ago

Once in a blue moon, true love can come your way. This remarkable kind of love came to Helen McManus. All too soon, her beloved husband, Jim was suddenly taken away. He was an ex-Marine. This is an

Book Reviews> Poetry Playscripts l 3 years ago

Joree Williams has written a book that is a must, in society today, to read. 'Lost Childhood' has just been released by Publishing with Passion. It is in the hopes that some child or children

Book Reviews> Poetry Playscripts l 3 years ago

I truly believe that certain books are meant to be preserved and last long after they, the writers, are gone. Maybe they want a legacy of their time on earth. They certainly will not be mummified

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