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Marie Marley, PhD, has published numerous articles focusing on helping caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer's. She has also written a book, Come Back Early Today: A Memoir of Love, Alzheimer's and Joy, which narrates her own experiences caring for an Alzheimer's patient, Dr. Edward Theodoru. It is a Santa Fe Writer's Project Literary Awards finalist.

In addition to the book, Marie is a regular contributor to the Alzheimers Reading Room and the Huffington Post, where she publishes articles on Alzheimer's caregiving.

This book illustrates fresh solutions to the numerous difficult problems typically faced by Alzheimer's caregivers. It also shows that love can adapt and endure despite all obstacles and that there can be hope - even joy - amidst the darkness of dementia.

Gregg Warshaw, MD, former President of the American Geriatrics Society, states "I strongly recommend this memoir to caregivers of dementia patients. It will show them it's possible to find new and creative ways to interact with their loved ones. it will bring comfort to those going through the same experiences, letting them know they are not alone."

It is estimated that 15 million caregivers are providing over 17 billion dollars of unpaid care to the nation's 5.4 million dementia patients, These caregivers have a compelling need for guidance, and this book goes a long way toward meeting that need.

Dr. Marley lives in Olathe, Kansas with her two Shih Tzus, Peter - whom Ed adored - and her younger pup, Joey, whom Ed would have been so delighted to meet.

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