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Arthur "Butch" Zemar is a native of Florida. A 4-year Navy veteran achieving an E-5 class working in Naval Aviation Electronics, Butch left the military and began a career scuba diving. A technical diver, specializing in mixed gas diving, he began training divers in the Virginia Beach, VA, area. For over 13 years, Butch has been involved in all aspects of diving - and continues to see the world by diving in the great oceans.

Butch Zemar is a scuba instructor that has been diving for over 15 years with well over 2,000 dives. He teaches entry level divers as well as instructors at a heated pool in Chicago. Trainers from around the nation come to train in Chicago, so why not train with the best? "Scuba is a romance and entertainment business. We increase communication and relationships through the enjoyment of recreational activities.

After being involved in retail services, owning his own diving and convenience stores. Butch was drawn to the financial field and particularly the insurance industry. Butch has established his firm as an independent agency, being able to offer a full spectrum of health insurance and asset protection products. As President of Elite Benefits of America, Butch leads a team of professionals committed to providing the highest in product offerings and long-term service and support.

With his passion of working with professionals and entrepreneurs, he has established a reputation as "specialist" with a deep understanding of the industries, the options and the most intelligent and cost-effective to not only protect your assets but also to live your passion.

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