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Jared J. Balis

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Jared Balis is a health insurance agent in Utah who is committed to helping individuals, families, and the self-employed purchase and maintain high quality, affordable health insurance plans.

Since entering the insurance industry in August of 2001, Jared has built and maintained a number of websites, a blog, and social networking accounts with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. All of these resources share the common goal of offering money saving tips, advice, and useful insurance related information to readers.

In addition, readers also have access to a number of useful articles that Jared has authored on a number of websites (including Most of Jared's articles are focused on catastrophic and consumer driven health plans, general and unique benefits to those plans, and the money saving advantages they offer.

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Every year, I get the dreaded letter in the mail from my insurance company saying how they appreciate my business, but rates are going up 10% again this year. Usually it's an increase of or

Insurance> Health l 2 years ago

What if a family could drastically lower their health insurance costs and still protect themselves, with a health insurance plan that covers medical expenses after a relatively high deductible?

Insurance> Health l 2 years ago

Yes, you read that right. You could potentially be saving thousands of dollars per year on your family insurance premiums by switching from a traditional health insurance plan to a catastrophic

Insurance> Health l 2 years ago

Does my business qualify for group health insurance in Utah? Businesses in Utah typically qualify for a group health insurance plan if they meet the following conditions: -They employ two or more

Insurance> Health l 2 years ago

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