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Liam Phillips

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Liam Phillips was diagnosed with an Incurable and terminal disease which he overcame using tools of Access Consciousness. Liam was a teacher for disabled students for many years and later taught Yoga and Meditation. He is the founder of 'Curing the Incurable' and is the author of several books. He now travels the world inspiring others to overcome disease and related issues using the tools that assisted him. He is currently based in Brisbane, Australia. His favorite saying is: All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory! And invites you to have a life like that... What will you choose?

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Many people believe they are a victim to disease, this article is not for you. This article is for those that know that to change a disease they my first change themselves.

Health & Fitness> Mind Body Spirit l 2 years ago

This article is to explore dyslexia from a very different point of view. It is written to challenge your fixed points of view and empower those that have been judged wrong who have dyslexia.

Self Improvement> Inspirational l 2 years ago

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