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Jared Keo

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I am an entrepreneur. Having spent my entire life around the ocean, I decided to put my passion to work for me. My business involves marketing exclusive Surf Tours and Packages to surfers of all skill levels. By putting a focus on small, intimate sized groups, our guests can experience unlimited access to some of the most epic, UNCROWDED surf available throughout the world. No Crowds! No Hassle! Just Pure Stoke!

I enjoy writing about the joy of surfing and everything about it. I feel that if everyone had the opportunity to surf at least once, they'd be hooked!

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The family structure is consistently being threatened in today's society. A healthy defense to factors that can break up a family is Surfing. The Family That Surfs Together, Stays Together.

Recreation & Sports> Surfing l 2 years ago

Surfing can be one of the most enjoyable past times there is. However, it doesn't come without risk and dangers. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you paddle out.

Recreation & Sports> Surfing l 2 years ago

With the ever growing popularity of surfing, many different styles have surfaced. Surfers have their own culture, evident in the different styles of dress and music. Explore the style that comes with

Recreation & Sports> Surfing l 2 years ago

As we come to the end of a rather warm and unlikely winter season, it's about time we start planning our summer surf trips. With so many different options to choose from, Central America should be at

Recreation & Sports> Surfing l 2 years ago

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