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Cheryl A. Chatfield, Ph.D.

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Cheryl A. Chatfield, Ph.D. is a spiritual writer and a spiritual teacher. Her non profit organization, The Nottingham Institute, promotes material for people who are searching for spiritual answers not found in organized religions. Her booklet, Do It Yourself Guide to Spirituality: Seven Simple Steps; her novel, The Lost Principles; and the Practical Spirituality Newsletter can be viewed online at her website. She can be contacted through her website about speaking engagements.

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Nerburn's story is a fictionalized account based on real events that captures the attention of the reader as we learn the plight of Indians today fighting to accept the horrors of their past. An

Book Reviews> Westerns l 2 years ago

A Druid lives in Arizona, pretending to be twenty-one years old, while he is actually twenty-one centuries old. He is threatened by witches and assisted by werewolves, all of whom also appear, on the

Book Reviews> Westerns l 2 years ago

What a wonderful book that describes a universal spirituality, one in which we welcome and accept all religions and spiritual paths. Wayne Teasdale is a monk who combines Christianity and Hinduism.

Book Reviews> Spirituality Religion l 2 years ago

This is the story of the women in Camelot and King Arthur's court, told from their perspective with Morgaine, a priestess and sister of Arthur, as the main voice. You have heard the legend of Arthur

Book Reviews> Spirituality Religion l 2 years ago

James Redfield is one of our current important spiritual teachers. In this novel, he takes the nine prophecies from The Celestine Prophecy to another level. As in his previous works, the words

Book Reviews> Spirituality Religion l 2 years ago

Time is different in this remote country. We get the sense of a slower, more conscious culture, people who know the value of enjoying the moment and savoring life without the trappings and amenities

Book Reviews> Health Mind Body l 2 years ago

Even though I'm not a runner, and this story centers around running, I was fascinated with the thoughts of the main character, a runner fighting early stages of Alzheimer's Disease at the young age

Book Reviews> Health Mind Body l 2 years ago

I am impressed with Hearne's knowledge of magic. As with the first book in this series, Hounded, this fantasy, is intriguing as the hero, a 2000 year old Druid living in present day Arizona, fights

Book Reviews> Westerns l 3 years ago

In this sequel to his novel, The Celestine Prophecy in which he presents 9 insights, Redfield suggests that we need to visualize the future we want; then we can know what to pray for, what to expect.

Book Reviews> Westerns l 4 years ago

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