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Bernard Y works in the Information Technology industry as a consultant. He spends hours advocating and solving his clients' business requirements. He spends his other time growing as an Internet Marketer. He operates, which is dedicated to providing useful information to the online community about relationships, dating, marriage, and other related topics. Stop on by when and if you like the material we hope you tell your friends and family about it.

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Being in love is a good feeling but there are times that it can also give you problems. If you have not been in a relationship but you are currently with a guy or a girl and you want to know if you

Relationships> Love l 2 years ago

When you're currently experiencing some aches in your chest after going through a rough divorce, you'd often wonder how you could ever move on. After all, you may not have wanted things to end like

Relationships> Post Divorce l 2 years ago

You and your boyfriend have been dating each other for quite some time and you want to take things to the next level.  However, that's not that the deciding factor on whether both of you will be

Relationships> Engagements l 2 years ago

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