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David W Cooke

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Dave Cooke is a nationally recognized speaker, author, trainer and growth expert. He leverages his 25 years sales and marketing experience to create and implement strategic initiatives and develop educational programs which increase both revenues and profits.

Dave takes pride in his experience with turbulent and chaotic work environments. Having taken the lead in multiple corporate turnaround projects and post merger transitions, Dave understands the challenges organizations face in challenging and difficult times. It is these experiences that shape his commitment to team, relationships, communication, leadership, and a cohesive, collaborative strategy for revenue growth. Throughout these experiences he has demonstrated consistent accomplishments with his reliable,steady record of 20% improvement in revenues.

Dave's unique and interactive programs are designed to sustainably increase revenues and improve customer relationships while integrating team-based organizational behaviors into the revenue growth equation. His approach brings refreshing insight and enthusiasm to the current trends and complexities of today's business environment.

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Many organizations passionately believe that the success is tied up in the many features and benefits of their products. While the features and benefits of a product can be of value to potential

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