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Mikael Meir is a transformational coach to entrepreneurs and executives, helping them achieve exceptional performance and a deepened level of personal fulfillment. Mikael's strength comes from combining a 15 year entrepreneurial and executive track record with an on-going 7 year personal practice in behavioral change, psychoanalytic theory, and the use of mindfulness practices to expand self awareness.

As a former entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Mikael Meir figured out the outer game of success early in life. He created an 8 figure net worth before the age of 35, and was running a billion dollar investment company before the age of 40. His fatal blind spot was not attending to his inner world, so his outer world destructed, leading to tremendous suffering.

As a result, he embarked on a soul searching journey that allowed him to transform his life. He shifted from being ego driven and self grasping, to practicing living a life of service, using his skills and talents to help others achieve their goals.

In line with his core purpose, he started Mikael Meir Inc, a transformational coaching company focused on helping individuals and teams cultivate the clarity, insight and focus necessary to create fulfilling and inspired organizations.

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I use to get annoyed by Valentines Day. I considered it a cash grab perpetrated by the greeting card, floral, lingerie and confectionary industries to get American consumers to pay .6 billion

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