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Donna Gruber Adair is a former teacher of high school English and creative writing, with a degree in history. Her short stories and poetry have won awards. Her new book, An American Odyssey, tells the story of a real-life pioneer family on the frontier. It is available at in soft cover or for Kindle.

An American Odyssey has been very favorably reviewed by both The Midwest Book Review: "Donna Gruber Adair does well in crafting a riveting story of the pioneers. 'An American Odyssey' is a fine and much recommended read, not to be overlooked." And from Kirkus Reviews: "A captivating generational tale of one family's pioneering travels during America's 19th-century westward expansion. Adair masterfully weaves pivotal events of the 1800s such as slavery, Bleeding Kansas and the Pike's Peak gold rush into the lives of this family, crafting a perfect mix of action, tragedy, and romance. It is a fitting, rousing tribute to the courage of ordinary families who made extraordinary sacrifices."

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