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Lynne Evans is currently living and working in Pakistan as an English and social studies coordinator in an English medium private school. She has written short stories, has a novel awaiting publication, and has also helped to produce text books for students of English. Lynne has also worked as a writer, proofreader and editor for Hillside Press, Athens, Greece and has traveled widely, both for work and for pleasure. Lynne has become interested in SEO and online marketing in recent years and has begun to share her knowledge about this field in her articles.

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention and that is certainly true in my case. The ingredients we take for granted in the West are not readily available in Pakistan. Either you go on a

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People have been worried about eating eggs for several reasons:- the risk of Salmonella and food poisoning; cholesterol levels and so on. Read this article to discover the truth about eggs.

Articles Categories> Food and Drink l 2 years ago

Ham and split pea soup is a real winter warmer and really good comfort food. It's also very easy to make. Read the article below for the recipe and try it for yourself.

Food and Drink> Soups l 3 years ago

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