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Marion Aston

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I have an interest in antiques and collectables and enjoy the challenge of digging up facts about the more obscure collectables as well as the popular ones. Art Deco is probably my favourite period and there are Art Deco collectables to be had for the beginner as well as the high end collector. My other areas of interest include gardening and English social history.

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Collecting buttons is ideal for collectors on a small budget. Not only can you put together an impressive collection in a short space of time, but you can also provide a fascinating insight into the

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Meissen china was first made in the 18th century and although a lot of pieces are very expensive, there is affordable Meissen to be had. You should take care to buy from a reputable dealer and many

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Walter Neurath, an Austrian Jewish refugee, had the idea of printing a series of books, based on the model of the German Insel Verlag series, consisting of attractive pocket books. Allen Lane of

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Lockets evolved from ancient amulets and really became popular in the Elizabethan era. Elizabeth I wore a locket ring, containing her own portrait and that of her mother, Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth was

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Compacts appeal to our feminine side and remind us of a bygone age when life was somewhat more elegant than today. Because compacts were used by everyone they are not rare to find and can often be

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