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Mike Nemeth

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24 years in newspapers, working in Alaska, Washington and California, as a reporter and later as editor. Now I've taken on energy efficiency, clean energy and alternative energy working for nonprofits.

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Chronicling the progress of solar energy has at times been like trying to follow Legolas, Gimli and the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring as they journey across Middle Earth. But change, as Sam

News & Society> Energy l 2 years ago

Recent movies like "Transformers," "Inception" and even "Men In Black" have elevated public expectations of technological breakthroughs. Science portrayed on film promises powerful new energy

Automotive> Hybrid Energy Efficient l 2 years ago

Alfonso Bedoya was a character actor who delivered a now infamous line that makes sense when applied to clean energy. The treasure is there for the taking and anybody, whether they are federales or

News & Society> Energy l 2 years ago

Are we on the brink of a clean energy revolution? Maybe. But getting to that next step will take work. Green has to make economic sense. But get it there and innovators will take over.

News & Society> Energy l 2 years ago

Much depends on the younger generation. Their habits, priorities and motivations largely will define the directions of development, technological advancement and political leanings. And while this

News & Society> Environmental l 2 years ago

While electric cars and hybrids get all the media coverage, there is an option often overlooked that could clean up U.S. tailpipes. And that's natural gas. Sure, it would take a lot to expand

Automotive> Hybrid Energy Efficient l 2 years ago

Electric automobile sales have yet to disrupt the dominance of internal combustion. Yet, while electrics at this point would appear bound for a niche market, some trends indicate that assumption may

Automotive> Hybrid Energy Efficient l 2 years ago

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