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Abu Monsur

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Hello, I am Abu Monsur. I am a graduate both in English language and literature and B.S.S. in Social Science.First one is from Chittagong University and the second one is from National University.I also completed three short courses on business,finance and health.But now I am a full-time internet marketer and writer on various topics especially on business,marketing,finance, health and wellness.

I am enthusiastic,optimistic and helpful in nature.I like to write articles on various topics to help my honorable readers acquire the true knowledge.To share my acquired knowledge with others is my greatest pleasure.Hence I have been blogging for three years to help others giving free tips,tricks and information on different subjects. At present I own 13 blogs and websites for the purpose of sharing my expertise and earning an honest and decent life online.

Thanks for reading a little bit of me Thanking you Abu Monsur

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