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Nearly all of us are familiar to a greater or lesser extent with the concept of 'ancient astronauts' - extraterrestrials that influenced human history many millennia ago. Evidence is cited from

Reference & Education> Paranormal l 2 years ago

That the scientific communities and scientists in general (there are exceptions) dismiss the UFO ETH (extraterrestrial hypothesis) as pseudoscience and total bunk is understandable, but illogical.

Reference & Education> Paranormal l 2 years ago

One of the biggest mysteries to me is why anyone in their stark raving right mind would assume anything and everything had been created from scratch. You cannot make that assumption from first

News & Society> Pure Opinion l 2 years ago

The Universe, according to modern cosmology, began with the Big Bang some 13.7 billion years ago. At that point in time and space, all matter and energy emerged and via various physical and chemical

Reference & Education> Science l 2 years ago

The paranormal incorporates a whole potful of concepts, some which maybe plausible, some rather implausible, and some that are IMHO impossible. Here I detail what I think are six impossible

Reference & Education> Paranormal l 2 years ago

"Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?" was one of those top-notch mystery comedies from 1978. Who killed the ancestors of modern day humans isn't quite so funny, but it's still a top-notch

News & Society> Anthropology Sociology l 2 years ago

Gamma-ray bursts are cosmic phenomena. As far as terrestrial astronomers go, they are unexpected (you can't point your telescope in advance knowing where and when one will happen) and they are

Reference & Education> Astronomy l 2 years ago

Cryptozoology is an endeavour to establish the reality of animal species (often mega-fauna) that are currently unverified or totally unknown. New species (usually insects and micro-fauna) are being

Reference & Education> Paranormal l 2 years ago

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