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Therese Wales

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Therese Wales is the Managing Director of Up to You providing Leadership Coaching, Workshops and Organizational Change Management Services.

Up to You is an organization focused on realising new possibilities for Leaders, their organizations and their business. Bringing global experience together with local know-how to get the best return on investment.

Trained in many leadership programs with a Diploma in Coaching and Master Practitioner of NLP. More than 15 years leading and implementing change. She is also an author of books about Personal Leadership and Organizational Change and a member of ANZI Coaching.

I know how to cut through the haze and maze that is complexity and make it simple. I help others to do the same by asking poignant questions that create insight and build awareness. It can be confronting at times but if I let you off, I let you down. I feel completely comfortable and confident with this given my experience, my training and my own values about personal growth, results and making a contribution. It might sound cliché but your success really is my success. My intent is to give you everything I have and in the most effective way possible for you to be the success you are looking for. My desire is that you then 'pay it forward'. Share what you know and what you learn.

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Change as you know can happen easily and quickly. Transformation, however takes time, it's a journey. Momentum is critical to transformation whether it is implementing a new system at work, changing

Business > Change Management l 2 years ago

The statistics about change aren't pretty, with only a 30% success rate (Kotter, 1995; PWC 2008). The critical barriers to change involve people (IBM 2008) - Changing mindsets and culture (58%);

Business > Change Management l 2 years ago

The role of a leader in creating lasting change is significant and should not be underestimated. One thing that needs to be established right from the beginning, is what you are willing to do to

Business > Change Management l 2 years ago

Most times when change is made in the workplace it involves systems, processes, structure etc. Rarely is a change in behaviour considered. Yet it's the one thing that if not changed can bring all the

Business > Change Management l 2 years ago

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