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Anthony P Langston

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A creative article writer, marketeer and SEO guru. Plumbing and Tools self proclaimed expert and can pretty much write a good article about anything. Always love to learn new things and if it involves writing an article or press release at the end of it all the better. Currently getting involved with the Barbecues market and Woodburning Stoves scene - as green is certainly the way forward.

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Ever since god was a youngster, hedge trimmers have been needed to cut the hedges & shrubbery which protected the farm owners pastures from damaging weather and wildlife. Hedge-trimmers had been just

Home & Family> Gardening l 2 years ago

When replacing a broken wall tile is so easy, it's a shame to let a couple of broken tiles spoil the appearance of an otherwise lovely bathroom. Tiling requires very few specialist tools and what is

Home Improvement> DIY l 2 years ago

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