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It can be hard to find what your purpose in life is when you have not yet discovered what your talents are and what it is that you enjoy doing. Every person was born with a certain set of skills and

Self Improvement> Motivation l 2 years ago

So why do people hate pornography? For the enlightened crowd we tend to hate pornography because it enslaves men and dumbs us down. Pornography alters the way that the mind works and causes men to

Self Improvement> Addictions l 2 years ago

The effects of pornography are more harmful than any other addiction in the world. Porn is the ultimate pacifier of men and prevents them from ever reaching their full potential in life. If

Self Improvement> Addictions l 2 years ago

Overcoming pornography addiction can be very challenging but is easily accomplished once an individual understands the effects on the brain. Once a man can see just how damaging adult content is they

Self Improvement> Addictions l 2 years ago

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