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Chad R Gordon

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After nearly a decade of advising clients in large brokerage firms, Chad started GreenStar Advisors on the heels of the greatest market collapse of our lifetimes. In coaching his clients through this, he found that the biggest factor affecting client's performance was not necessarily where their money was invested but more so in how they behaved during the crisis. He felt that the best tool to help clients have financial confidence (and rational behavior) during scary times is a well-thought out financial plan. "It is the lighthouse in the fog that keeps you focused on where you want to land," Chad explains. Once a client's financial plan is outlined, Chad will narrow down this wide selection to best fit your needs and set you up with the best tools for achieving financial confidence (or "your goals for your assets").

With this in mind, Chad has developed a system that outlines the various "lighthouses" in your life. Often the thought of this is overwhelming to clients, but Chad makes it easy to identify what it is you are hoping to do and what barriers are along the way. "It's not rare that people come to me after a lifetime of saving and accumulation with a lot of accounts and not much coordination between them. One of my favorite things to do is to sit down with clients and help them organize their various assets. Often people are surprised at how much overlap they have and that even with many accounts they are not necessarily fully diversified."

Chad often teases that he's the nosiest advisor in town. "Across all professions, I think that if anyone thinks about the best advisors they've had in the past, it's usually the ones who ask the right questions before giving their advice. Recently my daughter had a recurring medical problem. After going to six doctors over a two year period, the one who finally diagnosed and solved the problem was the doctor who knew to ask questions that nobody had asked us. The solution was fairly simple once the right questions were asked." The same could be said of auto mechanics, attorneys, realtors, etc. It is those who ask good questions who provide the best advice. Giving the best advice and implementing solid financial plans for his clients is Chad's forte.

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