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Prior to forming The Law Offices of Lin & Wood, Kitty J. Lin helped build the bankruptcy department for Knox Ricksen LLP in Oakland from the ground up. Ms. Lin was named a "Rising Star" to Northern California's "Super Lawyers" List for 2010 in the area of Consumer Bankruptcy. Ms. Lin applied her experience from working for one of the largest consumer bankruptcy law firms in the United States where she filed hundreds of bankruptcies.

While in law school, Ms. Lin served as a law clerk in a personal injury firm in Beverly Hills. She also practiced in an externship program for both the US Attorney's Office in the Tax Division and for the former Chief Bankruptcy Judge of the Central District, the Honorable Barry Russell. Ms. Lin has gained tremendous legal knowledge in the private and public sectors, as well as civil and criminal litigations.

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The question of whether a creditor is a considered an "insider" in a bankruptcy case is an important distinction. When you repay one creditor and not others, it is considered a "preference" because

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There always seems to be anincrease in crime when the economy is not doing well. Whether it is increase of violent crimes like muggings and burglaries or white-collar crimes like embezzlement and

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Owing taxes to the Internal Revenue Service should be addressed quickly. Entering into a repayment plan with the IRS is one option to prevent the IRS from starting collection activities against you.

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There are certain things that you should not do prior to filing for bankruptcy, as it may inconvenience you, or hinder or delay your case. Banking - When it comes to banking, most consumers are loyal

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