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Vivian P. Gallo

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As a long term disability claims consultant, I have extensive corporate experience processing LTD claims and hands-on knowledge of the claims process which sets me aside from my competitors. Visit my website to review my clients success stories. I provide the guidance to get LTD claims paid the first time. Essentially, I help avoid and solve problems.

Getting disability claims paid when first submitted helps eliminate the added time and significant expenses required to appeal and overturn a claim denial. With my experienced guidance, I assist claimants who have no idea of what landmines and pitfalls await them, nor the knowledge or experience to foresee and circumvent them.

I work to eliminate the need for legal counsel and the added time and expense of having to pursue benefits through legal channels.

I help you get the benefits you are entitled to, and the peace of mind you deserve.

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Long term disability insurance is a necessity for high-net-worth professionals to protect their dignity and lifestyle, should they ever become disabled. It is imperative that they make the time

Health & Fitness> Disability l 2 years ago

When filing for disability benefits, you simply can't afford to make even one innocent mistake. The disability claim filing process can be complex, and even more so when there is more than one policy

Health & Fitness> Disability l 2 years ago

When purchasing LTD coverage, the Monthly Benefit Amount, the Elimination Period (i.e., deductible), the Benefit Period and the definitions of disability are basic policy provisions that are

Insurance> Disability l 3 years ago

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