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Cesia Mazariegos

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She was raised in a country with very little opportunity or employment. Her parents were raised to become employees for someone else. Therefore, they raised their children the same way.

Cesia and her sisters would never think about starting their own business. Getting a good job was the only goal. It is not their parents fault; it is all they knew, so, their children followed. Yes, they became successful.

However, Cesia was miserable in her working life. She was so frustrated because she worked hard to get an education and there were no opportunities in her country to build a career and grow professionally.

As a result, she started looking for a way to become self-reliant. It was only after she started pursuing her own business, that she really felt successful and could finally set goals she could achieve. What lead her to get into this journey was pure despair and frustration. She doesn't regret it at all. She is so grateful now that she had to do it.

She is sharing this with you because she wants you to know where she comes from, what got her here, and why she started her online business. But most importantly, to tell you anyone can do the same.

This kind of business has allowed her to do the things she loves every day and that she feels so passionate about.

A great lesson she learned on the journey came from George Bernard Shaw who said: The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them. What he said is a perfect portrayal of her real life journey.

She made the leap from chasing the dream to living it.

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