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Jolyon Hallows

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I am an accomplished project manager. I have written two professional books on project management, I am on the faculty of a university diploma program in project management, and I have personally trained over a thousand project managers worldwide. I have managed many projects for private and government organizations and I am now focusing on project management training and offering first-class project courses for organizations globally.

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Too many people have a wonderful goal of things they might achieve, but they are not moving toward it. If this describes you, why? Why does this glorious vision not motivate you, not push you to take

Self Improvement> Goal Setting l 2 years ago

Stories of spectacular failures abound. A project that was budgeted at ten million dollars is finally killed when it passes a hundred million. A system that was due at the end of July is delivered at

Business > Management l 2 years ago

Goals are maddening. They sound so straightforward when you say them. It's when you try to achieve them that you seem to stumble into a massive pit filled with details that clamor for your attention

Self Improvement> Goal Setting l 2 years ago

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