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UK Chica is the culmination of a lot of effort from a few people. Firstly, the name is a nod to my BFF (OK, I'm not 15, but she is the bomb!). She brilliantly came up with it. I am from the UK and call my girls chica all the time. I love different languages having studied French and German as a kid and Spanish as an adult. So that makes sense - well at least to us!

The idea of this site is because I read a lot and friends know this and they ask for recommendations all the time. Let me also add that I read a lot of different stuff. I may have my daughter add a section on sci fi, or as I call it, weird, as she is very discerning and reads that genre a lot.

You will also find new as well as old books reviewed here. I try to read classics each year, working my way back through Shakespeare or Dickens, for example.

As for me, I grew up in the suburbs of London and studied science in college. Community happened in pubs, and I love a good chin wag, discussion or disagreement between friends, old and new. or as a wise man has said and recently quoted by Jase, "Strangers are just friends we haven't met yet".


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Only when I had read the whole book and then the slip cover did I realize that these books are collaboration between two men - their surnames being Jefferson and Bass. Not only a clever idea but a

Book Reviews> Mysteries Thrillers l 2 years ago

This mystery begins with two victims, young women, who are found murdered in Oslo. They had drowned, in their own blood.

Book Reviews> Mysteries Thrillers l 2 years ago

As a long time reader of Mr. Archer I was again thrilled with another of his books.

Book Reviews> Fiction l 2 years ago

I am a huge fan of Lawrence Block's Bernie Rhodenbarr mysteries but had never read one of his Matthew Scudder books. I read Ian Rankin's books and follow him on Twitter and he highly recommended this

Book Reviews> Mysteries Thrillers l 2 years ago

I do so love a book that weaves history in with a fictional plot. Mr. Kerr is great at doing that. Bernie Gunther is the hero in these books. He was a police officer in Germany pre-World War II and

Book Reviews> Mysteries Thrillers l 2 years ago

In the United States this department is called I.A. or Internal Affairs. The Complaints Department deals with the force and any suspicions against them. No one in the Police Force particularly likes

Book Reviews> Mysteries Thrillers l 2 years ago

World War II holds a certain interest for me. I have to wonder if it is because I would be speaking a completely different language and my country would be a little red blip on the world map if

Book Reviews> Non Fiction l 2 years ago

Ms. Beaton has hit another doozy on the head with this latest Hamish Macbeth mystery. Set again in sleepy Lochdubh in the Highlands in remote Scotland our fearless cop is faced with more unsavoury

Book Reviews> Mysteries Thrillers l 2 years ago

Here finally is another Inspector Thomas Lynley novel. This one is over 600 pages though.

Book Reviews> Mysteries Thrillers l 2 years ago

I just realized that I hadn't reviewed this after seeing it for another week in the top 10 of the New York Times best seller list. Oops.

Book Reviews> Mysteries Thrillers l 2 years ago

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