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Graham Jones

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Graham Jones is a professional speaker and psychologist. He has specialised in the psychology of communications and has a particular interest in how we use the Internet. He speaks professionally about the need for businesses to think differently about the Internet. When he is not speaking about the psychology of the Internet, Graham is helping people overcome their fear of public speaking.

He is an award winning writer having written 29 books since he started his business 27 years ago. His books are on a variety of business subjects, but 15 of them are about the Internet. Indeed, back in 1994 he wrote one of the first books about the use of the Internet in business which has since been translated into five languages.

He is a qualified psychologist and is a member of the British Psychological Society and the Society of Authors. He is a part-time academic, lecturing for two universities in the UK. He is an Associate Lecturer with the Open University and a Visiting Lecturer for the University of Buckingham.

He is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and he was President for 2010-11.

Graham is a regular commentator and interviewee for many media outlets. You may hear him interviewed on the radio, see him on TV, or read his quotes and articles in newspapers and magazines.

Graham is listed on Wikipedia too.

Prior to becoming an author and speaker, Graham worked in journalism and the media and is a former magazine editor. In addition he won an award for his computer journalism. He has also worked in public relations for the music industry and whilst at Polydor Records managed to sing on a record which made it into the UK music charts.

Nowadays, he spends his time on stage speaking, rather than singing...!

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