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Laurence B. Winn is an aviator, adventurer, author, and aerospace engineer with more than 30 years of experience as a technology leader, including work on advanced turbine engines and manned space systems. Currently president of SpaceFarers Corporation in Tucson, Arizona, he has lived and worked in most parts of the United States and overseas. His literary output includes numerous articles on aerospace, defense, and energy technology in newspapers, magazines, and online. His new book, Survivors from Earth, a theory of history, is available at

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Intentional communities, also known as cohousing, can make credible test facilities for alternative social and philosophical arrangements. As test beds for the emerging technologies of

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Dorion Sagan's 1990 paperback Biospheres: Reproducing Planet Earth does more than deliver a unique vision of the planet's life support system. It also challenges the traditional view of humanity as

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