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Susan is a long established Counsellor and Hypnotherapist. She works with individuals, couples and businesses to help them achieve their goals. Coping better with stress, anxiety, pressure, underpins much of the therapy. Individuals find that improvements to confidence, self esteem, general health and well-being result in a more positive quality of outlook in all areas of life. Many couples find they communicate more sensitively and effectively and learn to understand each other better. In business, working with team building or improving each staff member's focus and motivation can have a positive effect on both the individual and their colleagues. The fact is that some negative patterns of behaviour can date back to early years. A combination of counselling and hypnotherapy, tailored to the individuals' needs, can transform and resolve old unwanted habits and responses and allow the client to have a better quality of life.

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There are many effective male role models who provide invaluable fathering to children in their formative years. Let's look to celebrate fathers on Fathers Day.

Home & Family> Fatherhood l 2 years ago

Many people will have spent some of their free time over Jubilee weekend with family and friends. Times like this are often an opportunity to reflect on what you can personally give thanks for and

Relationships> Anniversaries l 2 years ago

Children get used to the way their parents conduct their relationship, no matter how difficult or stressful it may be. If their parents decide to divorce or father chooses to leave the family home it

Home & Family> Fatherhood l 2 years ago

These are the notes from my webinar interview for Positive Input on 13 March 2012. There is also an audio version available. Here are the salient points and advice.

Relationships> Communication l 2 years ago

We all gravitate towards the people with whom we feel an affinity; towards something that attracts us. When that quality is dangerous or destructive we need to recognise why we feel that way and look

Relationships> Conflict l 2 years ago

Work is an important area of our lives. It provides far more than just an income. But several factors can interfere with our ability to work effectively. Let's consider some of the ways to get back

Self Improvement> Achievement l 2 years ago

Divorce usually requires us to make significant changes to our lives at a time when we are feeling at our most vulnerable. Let's look at some ways to support that transition and get back on our feet.

Relationships> Post Divorce l 2 years ago

Divorce is often a traumatic time for everyone involved. Children especially, often feel that their world has been turned upside down. They may feel betrayed by one parent, or even both. Let's

Relationships> Post Divorce l 2 years ago

Work is such an important area of our lives. We spend much of our time engrossed in our work but over time it can become uninteresting or mundane. A little effort can reap huge rewards. Here are some

Self Improvement> Personal Growth l 2 years ago

A mother provides the backbone and structure to many families. She is celebrated as Mother Earth, creative and nurturing. Let's look at the importance of Mothers Day and ways to make the most of the

Home & Family> Motherhood l 2 years ago

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