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Don't let price or quality stop you from getting a "cheap" stun device. A stun device can protect you just as well as a stun gun. When we say cheap stun devices we mean inexpensive. Read on

News & Society> Crime l 2 years ago

College campuses are actually magnets for predators who prey on coeds who are unsuspecting of the dangers that lurk on and off campus. What can parents do? The first thing they can do is take some

Articles Categories> Womens Interests l 2 years ago

Is it any wonder then that the home security business is so huge? That's why there are so many home security devices on the market today. Here are three new gadgets that you may want to consider

Home Improvement> Security l 2 years ago

How would you and your family handle emergencies? What would you do for emergency preparedness or disaster preparedness? Read on to get some good ideas.

Articles Categories> News & Society l 2 years ago

The best two ways to protect your family from a tragic handgun accident at home is with a regular safe or a hidden gun safe. Read on to learn more.

Home Improvement> Security l 2 years ago

Here are three secret products for self-defense that receive very little publicity. They are effective for personal security and personal safety too.

Womens Interests> Self Defense l 2 years ago

Here are four self-defense items that are specifically geared towards female self-defense. See how they might help protect you. Read on to learn more.

Womens Interests> Self Defense l 2 years ago

Financial abuse of our seniors is just one type of abuse that seniors are subjected to in nursing homes. The more common types are verbal and physical abuse. If you suspect that your loved ones are

Home & Family> Elder Care l 2 years ago

Home security gadgets provide the edge you need to stay ahead of the bad guys. Some are a little off-the-wall and unusual but they all work at providing a level of security for your home to make it

Home Improvement> Security l 2 years ago

Of all the self-defense items on the market today the vast majority of them are geared towards women. There is a little-known self-defense item that is extremely effective, especially for female

Womens Interests> Self Defense l 2 years ago

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