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Mayra Calvani

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Mayra Calvani loves writing fiction and nonfiction for children and adults. She's also a professional book reviewer and a regular contributor to Blogcritics Magazine, Suite101,, American Chronicle, and In addition, she's assistant editor of Voice in the Dark Newsletter. Visit her fun new blog, Pets and Their Authors.

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The Eden Paradox, by Barry Kirwan, is an enjoyable read that will be relished by fans of science fiction. Fifty years into the future, the earth has been maimed by war and is near collapse from heat

Book Reviews> Fiction l 2 years ago

Pretty Dolls by Kimberly Dana, a finalist in the Children's Picture Book category at the 2011 Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest, is a delightful story about overcoming jealousy

Book Reviews> Childrens Books l 2 years ago

A Satan Carol by spiritual horror author Alan Steven Kessler combines elements of the macabre and parody/satire to explore the concepts of free will and evil. Not having read in this horror

Book Reviews> Fiction l 2 years ago

For several years, Aneeta Sundararaj has been helping writers through her website with countless articles, reviews and interviews. Now, she has compiled all her experience and expertise in her new

Book Reviews> Reference Encyclopedia l 3 years ago

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be the head matchmaker of a high-class Beverly Hills dating service? In this, her candid and witty memoir, Marla Martenson takes you on a humorous ride

Book Reviews> Womens l 3 years ago

Award-winning, first-time novelist Marisel Vera pens an honest, heart-felt, often sad tale of an idealistic, naive Puerto Rican girl named Felicidad who goes to America to be with the man she loves.

Book Reviews> Womens l 3 years ago

I was intrigued when I received a copy of this poetry chapbook for review. It isn't the typical poetry book. The author, 'Laughing' Larry Berger, improvised these poems onstage in front of an

Book Reviews> Poetry Playscripts l 3 years ago

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