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Ehtesham Mirza

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I am an ex-naval officer and a Master Mariner. After leaving navy I worked in Royal Oman Police, Coast Guard Division, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, as Major, for eight years. I am also a Master Mariner specializing in Offshore Oil Industry. I worked globally in oil and Gas fields. Academic achievements include Bachelor of Science with specialization in Mathematics, Physics and Geology. I learnt English and Urdu literature. My hobbies stretch from reading books (preferably non-fiction) writing articles both fiction and non-fiction. I do social interaction, love globetrotting and take part in meaningful discussions with like minded people. I also contribute towards uplifting of economically backward people in terms of basic education and health. I am a Permanent resident of USA and presently residing in California.

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I begin by quoting, "To be or not to be" which is the opening phrase of a soliloquy in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet. I am not drawing readers' attention on the disagreement of both phrase and

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The nautical twilight was gradually merging with astronomical twilight. The darkness was spreading fast engulfing the town. The winter has its fury, and the wind chill effect was making life a bit

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The train gradually slowed down and with moderate screeching sound stopped at the designated platform. The hustling and bustling sound of railway station was conspicuous by the arrival and departure

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