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Annette C O'Leary-Coggins

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Annette O'Leary-Coggins was born in 1959 in Ireland. She is one of 11 children. Her hobbies and interests are kids & horses. As an out, Annette is a children's storyteller and author of children's books. She also loves to ride her horses in the Rocky Mountains in Western Montana.

On a more serious note Annette is also a full time Savvy Internet Marketer. She relentlessly promotes Internet Marketing as a limitless opportunity of wealth creation.

Annette is on a mission to motivate and steer people in the right direction, thus avoiding pitfalls with their Internet Marketing career. Life is way too short for unnecessary hurdles. Annette only promotes worthy products that she has tried and tested and have produced terrific results.

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I am one hundred percent Irish. "I was born and bred in Ireland" as they say, they of course being the Irish. I want to share with you a little background on the history of Ireland. If you are a

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From the moment I picked up that book, I knew my life had reached a pivotal moment. The wall of Jericho fell from around me. All my answers were in the palm of my hand in black and white in Ellen

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