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Hello! My name is Patrick Lohman. I work as an Ergonomics Consultant. You may be asking yourself, what in the world is that?! Well, I come from a fitness background. As a former athlete, I was always enthralled with human performance and health. I decided to pursue my passion as a career path. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, I began working as a strength/conditioning coach. I was given the opportunity to train athletes of all ages (6 to pro) and had a blast doing it!

After working for a few years, I decided to go back to grad school and came across Ergonomics in the Kinesiology (the study of human movement) program. After looking into the field, I realized its need and importance. There are millions of people out there who work every day and come home in discomfort, fatigue, and pain. Once I graduated, I entered the workforce as an Ergonomics Consultant. When an employee reports discomfort (whether they work in a lab, at a computer, or in an industrial setting), I assess the risks that are causing the discomfort, then engineer out the root cause. This saves companies lots of money by preventing costly injuries and increasing employee productivity. Believe it or not, most of the injuries that I see occur with individuals who sit in front of a computer all day. Poor posture and lack of mobility are causing these serious musculoskeletal issues. In addition to these injuries and illnesses, there are a multitude of health issues (poor cholesterol, high blood sugar, ect.) that are associated with these low-mobility jobs. In total, I've performed over 1,000 office ergonomic assessments. Through all of these dealings with individuals, I've been able to find ways to allow computer users to perform their tasks in a healthier, more productive work environment. In order to accomplish this goal, it's my job to find the best arrangement or equipment solution that fits a specific situation or individual, as well as educate them on ways they can keep themselves healthy. If you have questions or problems regarding exercise, nutrition, ergonomics, or office ergonomics, PLEASE email me at and I will do my very best to give you useful, candid feedback.

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