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Usha Krishnan Sliva

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Usha Krishnan Sliva is a Vancouver based freelance writer and editor. She is also coach and mentor and you can subscribe to her ezine-Getting It Write! to avail of her advice and tips for FREE.

She enjoys writing on a variety of topics that peak her interest, including green living, holistic living and self-improvement and business articles for entrepreneurial women. She has worked in a number of amazing countries such as Dubai and Cyprus and with corporations such as British Airways and MEED publications.

When not busy at her desk or with her kids, Usha enjoys jogging, reading, doing yoga or hanging out with friends. View more of her work and what her clients/friends say about her on her websites.

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Back pain affects around 80% of the adult American population and over 50% will experience neck pain. Chiropractic care can address both these problems and prevent the condition from turning chronic.

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