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Michael David McIntyre

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Michael McIntyre has been a fitness enthusiast for the last 8 years, trying out many things and seeing what works and most importantly what doesn't. There is nothing fun about wasting time. He specializes in giving top notch advice to men and women on how to boost productivity, optimize health and develop a lean toned body that will attract the opposite sex.

"I beleive most people would rather have the look of a fitness model, instead of a bodybuilder. The internet is full of advice for bodybuilders which people aspiring to look like fitness models end up using and runing there physique. Because of this a niche developed aiming to plug this gap."

Mr McIntyre practices what he preaches and holds a 6 pack all day every day, with a decent amount of muscle, to look good on the beach. My aim is to help as many as people to get in beach body shape and how to keep it."

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  V abs go by many names and is an area highly liked by women. Names for it include the adonis belt, love line, moneymaker, Marky's mark, the Michelangelo muscle, v cut, super v, apollo's belt,

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