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Jock Brocas is an internationally renowned psychic medium. Jock works extensively with organizations to maintain the highest ethical behavior and standards in mediumship and spiritual advancement. He provides private readings for clients worldwide who are searching for evidence of life after death and past life connections. Jock has been featured extensively on radio shows and has appeared in the media worldwide. His articles have appeared in Psychic Times, Spirit and Destiny, Soul and Spirit, and many others. Jock is also the author of two upcoming books, Dark Waters (Llewellyn) and The Book of Six Rings (Tuttle). He offers retreats and workshops to individuals and corporations focusing on psychic development, mediumship, and modern-day spiritual development.

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It's that time of year again and rather than it being a joyous occasion, it often tends to result in stress and is also the highest levels of suicide at this time of year. OK, so I am perhaps being a

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