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Neal Robert Warner is a writer, artist, musician and filmmaker with thirty years experience in the Hollywood Animation Industry (credits on IMDB) and as an instructor of animation at Cal Arts. His writing credits include the novel Paid To Die, The Official Rock & Roll Rehab Handbook ( and The Official Rock & Roll Rehab Members Guide for Kindle as well as the live stage plays, A Day In His Life and Rock & Roll Rehab) and PaperCuts, The Illustrated Lyrics Magazine.

His paintings illustrating lyrics from the Classic Rock Era have been exhibited at the B & R Gallery in Santa Clarita, CA, at the Cafe Tu Tu Tango at Universal Citywalk, Universal Studios and have been part of the AMP Echo Chamber Art Inspired By Art Show at Art Share Los Angeles and featured in the May 2007 and January 2008 editions of Downtown L.A. Life Magazine.

A founding member of the multimedia rock band, The Tooners, he has produced award winning original animated music videos and hit CDs (iTunes). To help find sponsorship for his music videos and animated short films he co-created Director's Clip, a website for matching viral videos to businesses for their Internet marketing needs.

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As a thirty year veteran of the Hollywood Animation Industry I may have a bias against 3D computer animated films since CGI animation effectively put my generation of animation artists out of work.

Arts & Entertainment> Animation l 2 years ago

A disclaimer: We're discussing 2D, traditional, hand drawn animation, not 3D computer graphic designed animation. These are also not in any real particular order as taste dictates what is "coolest"

Arts & Entertainment> Animation l 2 years ago

We Baby Boomers are unique for our strong identification as a generation. We are the first generation to not out grow that identification when we become adults and parents ourselves.

Home & Family> Baby Boomer l 3 years ago

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