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Pia Balling

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Author and online marketer.

First career was staying Danish Tennis Champion for ten years. First book "The Book About Tennis"published in DK and used many years for teaching.

First business was doing specialized statistics to large branded companies and she started from home when the kids were very young. It was the infant time of computerized business, she had no technical knowledge, did not know anything about programming, however leased a large computer from IBM - at that time it needed a special air conditioned room, today it with more power could be in any pocket - and she used a free lance programmer to get things running. Without that help from outside she claims she would never have been able to succeed as she did.

The company was running for 17 years before she finally accepted an offer she could not refuse. Early retirement was too tempting.

Created from scratch a restaurant that after almost six years, an irresistible offer made her sell. She couldn't either resist, again, writing a book but this time a cook book, "Pia's Mediterranean Inspirations".

Life's many and mixed experiences and finding a life's balance brought her to write another book, "The Perpetual Happiness Machine". There you can discover the recipe for Everlasting Happiness that can help you be an even better parent, partner, friend and business person.

Pia is now following her passion to help others -as the founder of Women's Online Business -with her knowledge and life-experience by helping Third Millennium Women, especially with one income, to use their strengths and passions to transform their life and get the lifestyle they dream about with economic freedom.

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From my own business experience as a woman on her own I know how easy it is to make startup blunders and also how tough it can be to build up a business, nobody to discuss the details with or anybody

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