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Kathleen Couch

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In the year 2000, Kathleen started investing in real estate. She has found there are many ways to invest successfully in real estate. In 2007 she started sharing techniques, opinions, and resources from the perspective of a real estate investor, in her blog, Real Estate Investor Girl. She explores topics that are useful to the novice as well as the seasoned pro to real estate investing. Comments are encouraged, as she realizes a diversity of opinion broadens thinking. As a member of North Metro Real Estate Investor Association, and the National Real Estate Investor Association, Kathleen knows that education, and networking are two of the most valuable tools to a real estate investor. She brings through her blog a valuable resource of knowledge, which is fully explained, and easily understood. She also has developed a niche real estate business in negotiating short sales with the bank. She serves homeowners, and real estate agents with this process. More can be found about this service on the website: KC Real Estate Solutions

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Foreclosure options can be difficult to wade through and may seem overwhelming, but unfortunately, it is something that more and more homeowners are facing every day.  With the current state of the

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