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Jentana Dabbs

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My Mission:

I help you get happy and productive, by teaching you euphoric ways to upgrade your life. I also do this by speaking, writing and creating mood lifting recipes that can help boost your income, career and sex life. (Yes, believe it or not food does have a great impact in these areas.)

My Story:

I was a chubby girl who grew up with ADD/ADHD which runs in my family and has caused us all challenges with learning, finances, career and relationships.

Growing up and living with sever stress and anxiety from school, bullies, abusive, dangerous relationships and having lived homeless in poverty, I developed further health challenges and sever depression.

My health challenges, ADD and depression became an 800 pound bag I was carrying on my shoulders from relationship to relationship, job to job, I couldn't seem to live a normal life, my finances were always in a mess or non existent and the relationships I attracted into my life were as bullying and abusive as I had experienced growing up.

Jentana is certified as an ADD/ADHD hypnotherapy specialist, a certified brain nutritionist and happy food expert. She combines hypnotherapy, nutrition and brain training to re-stimulate mind, mood and motivation without the use of medication. She speaks about the under laying causes of ADD/ADHD symptoms and depression. She writes articles on good mood foods and rebuilding your life after hard times, for those with ADD/ADHD and depression. She has a private practice working with groups and individuals.

I want people to understand that ADD/ADHD is not a disease or handicap, for some,it is simply the brain trying to adjust in modern society, for others it is what we are putting into our bodies and we need to learn how to cater to its needs and functions. We need to understand and feed it, not poison and shrink it.

ADD/ADHD specialist certification from Hypnosis Motivational Institute

Brain Nutrition Certification from the Brain Optimization Institute

Brain educational seminars through Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

Brain Food chef for 15 years, self taught, there's not many schools for that at this time (if any), I have extreme ADD/ADHD and don't use meds, I learned how to use nutrition.

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