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Kirsten Whittaker

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Kathryn Whittaker is a professional Health Researcher and international Editor of the acclaimed Daily Health Bulletin.

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Just about one in three U.S. adults have high blood pressure, a silent, symptomless condition that ups the risk of heart disease and disabling stroke. The goal of treatment, including ways to lower

Health & Fitness> Heart Disease l 2 years ago

Welcome news to the many who suffer from high blood pressure. Exercise has been shown to cut the chance of death in a recent 12-year study. What's more, the team also saw that inactivity upped the

Health & Fitness> Heart Disease l 2 years ago

Attitude may be more important than we ever thought when it comes to finding ways to keep the heart healthy. A new review finds that those with a more upbeat, optimistic outlook appear to have a

Health & Fitness> Heart Disease l 2 years ago

More reason to eat those veggies! Women who follow a breast cancer diet and eat lots of cruciferous (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bok choy) veggies have a greater chance of living longer and have less

Cancer> Breast Cancer l 2 years ago

If you want to lower breast cancer risk avoiding alcohol may be key, as even a little alcohol might be enough to get you in trouble. While experts have warned of the many health dangers of too much

Cancer> Breast Cancer l 2 years ago

New research on the breast cancer link with diet finds that elevated levels of dietary cadmium are likely to increase your chance of developing this form of cancer. Cadmium is a heavy metal that is

Cancer> Breast Cancer l 2 years ago

More concern for those with diabetes. A new study finds that the longer you have this disease, the higher your risk factors for a stroke.

Health & Fitness> Heart Disease l 2 years ago

We've all had times where food soothes our tensions, helps lift a bad mood, even passes the time, and in a strange way, such indulgences do bring us happiness... a quick boost because the intake of

Health & Fitness> Eating Disorders l 2 years ago

Promising findings on reducing melanoma risk have come from a new study that has found that one of the benefits of vitamin a supplements might be to offer protection against disfiguring, dangerous

Cancer> Skin Cancer l 2 years ago

Here's an unexpected suggestion to lower blood pressure with food... two portions of purple potatoes per day. When subjects in recent research ate two servings of these regal, richly colored potatoes

Health & Fitness> Hypertension l 2 years ago

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