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Lynai Lamason

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I am a Filipina who is in the legal service and loves to read fiction books during free time. I love to write as well and find blogging to be a refreshing activity.

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Before writing this review, I did a bit of browsing of reviews already posted in Goodreads and saw mostly 1 star ratings. I felt quite sad because I really liked the story and how it was written. The

Book Reviews> Romance l 3 years ago

How do I begin writing a review of a book that tackles a subject a cannot fully comprehend? Mathematics and physics, anyone? But, I am getting ahead of myself.

Book Reviews> Childrens Books l 3 years ago

I bought The Reunion by Sue Walker one fine, random day at Booksale without having any idea how good (or bad) it is and without any inkling who the author is except that it was only Php20.00 and its

Book Reviews> Mysteries Thrillers l 3 years ago

John Steinbeck (1902-1968) is one of America's greatest writers and is a Nobel Prize winner for Literature in 1962. I must confess, though, that this is the first time I read a book by him, all

Book Reviews> Literary Classics l 3 years ago

A woman of the nineties. A young pioneer on the Oregon Trail. Though lifetimes apart, they share a remarkable journey. When Sierra discovers her ancestor's handcrafted quilt and reads her journal,

Book Reviews> Inspirational Fiction l 3 years ago

This is the first book in a series of 9, and my first time to read a book by the author. At Home in Mitford is a sweet story about a fictional town called Mitford where everybody seems to know

Book Reviews> Inspirational Fiction l 3 years ago

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