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Natalie Eastaugh

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I have over 18 years experience in various capacities of marketing, customer service and event management in the public and private sectors. This has placed me into specialising in online marketing and SEO, and as part of my SEO, I write articles for my clients.

On a private level, I enjoy a healthy lifestyle, cycling, horse-riding and running. I have two teenage children and two poodles, who are my wonderful companions.

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It's important to realise that for the French in particular the quality of the language is very important. In English quite often there is a casual attitude to the grammar used (how often do you hear

Writing & Speaking> Technical Writing l 2 years ago

Technical Documents on line (TDOL) are used to support more than 10,000 Army Equipment Support Publications. As well as a considerable number for the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force, so that over

Writing & Speaking> Technical Writing l 2 years ago

My travel experiences helped me to develop an appreciation of international and linguistic similarities and differences, but another area of experience also had a major impact on my career. The

Writing & Speaking> Technical Writing l 2 years ago

Office furniture can easily mean the success or failure of any business. Therefore, it is important to choose the kind of furniture that best describes your business as well as creates the right

Business > Furnishings and Supplies l 2 years ago

Facility management can develop and maintain a variety of services throughout the entire life of a business. Businesses can include physical units such as complexes, buildings, schools, banks,

Business > Outsourcing l 2 years ago

These days, it has become very important among office space designers to create workplaces that are enjoyable and comfortable for employees. Gone were the days when workplaces were just composed of

Business > Furnishings and Supplies l 2 years ago

To be translator, you need to have a love of language, books and reading. I inherited a love of books from my grandmother, who used to buy all the prize-winning French books published, so I was lucky

Writing & Speaking> Technical Writing l 2 years ago

The designs of these traditional cast iron radiators are often very refined, with many repeating the lines of classic architecture, thereby exuding a certain level of artistic elegance. There are

Home Improvement> Heating & Air Conditioning l 2 years ago

Reclaimed bricks are bricks that are recovered from old building sites and cleaned. Bricks that are reclaimed are characterised by worn and irregular surfaces and may have remnants of mortar due to

Home Improvement> Stone Brick l 2 years ago

When writing technical manuals, start by interviewing the SMEs (subject matter experts) to get the real picture behind their products. As they explain technically how the product functions, let them

Writing & Speaking> Technical Writing l 2 years ago

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