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A crack or chip in a windshield can often be replaced with do-it-yourself kits. With a little care, this can fix the windshield as well as a professional. On the other hand, a mistake when using a

Automotive> Repairs l 2 years ago

Home painting seems simple, but actually requires a bit of skill to accomplish a professional looking job. With the proper tools and a little practice, anyone can paint a room and have it look good.

Home Improvement> Painting l 2 years ago

Military uniforms used to be brightly colored and distinctive, to create solidarity among troops and intimidate the enemy. Today, they are more subtly colored, but still have a distinctive look.

News & Society> Military l 2 years ago

The lungs are a complicated pair of organs that are vital to life and health. Maximizing surface area with minimal volume, the lungs are vulnerable to any habits that destroy mucus membranes

Health & Fitness> Quit Smoking l 2 years ago

Improving a backyard or garden entertaining area is largely a matter of personal taste. Use of water, plants and fire provides the canvas upon which the painting of relaxation can appear.

Home Improvement> Landscaping Decorating l 2 years ago

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